Tom Wichelow & Anastasia Trahanas, Brighton Media Centre 11.10.2010

Being exhibited at Brighton Media Centre is Tom Wichelows body of work ‘Blairs Boy.’ The images featured were taken throught 2009 and 2010 when Wichelow followed 18 year-old Oska recording his life in thousands of coloured photographs. Beginning in May 2009 Wichelow forms a picture essay of Oska’s life, reflecting his attitudes towards growing up, resposibility and relationships with other teenagers. The series ends with Oska’s release from a Young Offenders Institution on Election Day 2010. Accompanying the images (Which vary in scale from A5 to large scale A1 prints) is a series of letters detailing aspects of Oska’s life as well as a video featuring Oska himself talking about his life and the situation he is in. So far, I felt this was one of the best exhibitions I have been to as part of Brighton Photo Fringe. Wichelow originally wanted to photograph Brighton gangs, but after struggling to find any he changed direction and got permission from Oska to follow him recording his struggle to adjust to independance and becomming an adult. He would visit once or twice a week and shadow Oska as he went about his day to day life hanging out with friends and chasing benefits, with the series of imagery coming together to show a visual representation of growing assumptions and concern about the ‘youth of today’ at a time when Britain is going through a recession and political changes


Featured alongside Tom Wichelows work is a very different exhibition by Anastasia Trahanas. Entuitled Naked Britain / Exposure Trahanas began the project in 2005 working in collaboration with her subjects with them choosing the location they wast to be photographed in whether it be a public, private or intimate place. The idea behind the series is to document the ‘self’ as an individual as well as their response to society. Each of the images is accompanied by text explaining the subjects choice of their location. It is this featured text that makes the images powerful and thought provoking. Tales of a struggling single mother with an autistic child and stories of abuse bring a harrowing feeling to the well composed and thought out images and it left me quite saddened by the subjects situations.


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